OSG takes a radical approach to Costa Rica’s North-Pacific charter and sportfishing industry: While unparalleled comfort, an exhilarating catch, and a personable, expert crew are the cornerstones of our client experience, we always begin with safety. No shortcuts. Our boat, captain, and crew carry the highest local and international safety certifications, standards, and top-of-the-line equipment, delivering unmatched peace of mind (and a possible reduction in seasickness) for our clients, including those with young children enjoying their first time on the water. Our vessel, Sassy Girl, is also in a class of her own: a sporty, tournament-style, custom Carolina express that delivers unparalleled comfort, a bigger catch, and a superior experience.

No other company or vessel in our region can match our combined standards for safety and comfort, while also delivering a knowledgeable and trilingual crew, the most tech-forward sportfishing experience, and custom, curated trips focused on our clients’ needs and wishes.